Current Worship Series

Current Sermon Series: AHA! The Identity of Jesus Revealed

In January and February, we will touch on a couple of moments in the Gospel of John, but then move through the beginning pages of the Gospel of Luke. These stories will reveal the character, mission, and purpose of Jesus. His identity is fully revealed in his teaching and miracles. We celebrated the coming of the baby Jesus, now it’s time to explore just who this baby really is.

Jan 6 — Matthew 3:13-17, Baptism of Jesus

Jan 13 — John 1:1-18, The Word was God

Jan 20 — John 2:1-11, Wedding at Cana

Jan 27 — Luke 4:14-21, Jesus Reveals His Mission

Feb 3 — Luke 4:22-40, People Respond to Jesus (negatively)

Feb 10 — Luke 5:1-11, Jesus Calls His First Disciples

Feb 17 — Luke 6:17-26, The Sermon on the Plain (Blessings and Woes)

Feb 24 — Luke 6:27-38, The Sermon on the Plain (Love your En- emies)

Mar 3 — Luke 9:28-36, The Transfiguration


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Every Sunday at 9:30

We worship together every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30.  Immediately after worship, there is a time to share cookies and coffee in the cafe section of the sanctuary.  There is a traditional feel to our worship, with an informal and welcoming atmosphere. That’s why we call it “Casual Traditional.”

There is nursery care provided every Sunday from 9:15-11:45 for kids that have not yet entered Kindergarten. Older kids remain in worship. There is a special cry room for babies and caregiver. There are activity bags available for kids as well.

The dress is varied.  There might be a few people wearing ties, but there will also be some guys wearing t-shirts.  Same thing with the ladies, for every dress and pumps, there is also a woman in jeans and a blouse.

Pastor Robb is an energetic preacher, who seldom remains behind the pulpit. Each week he also shares a short children’s moment. If your children feel comfortable, they are welcome to come forward. If you prefer, parents can accompany their little ones up to the front.

The choir is lively, and shares rousing anthems, melodic spirituals, and introspective responses.  Our African choir has musical offerings about once a month, many of the songs they share have direct English translations in addition to the native language in which they are singing. It is a truly beautiful experience to hear some of the old favorite hymns sung in two different languages at once. Who knows, you may even learn a little Swahili.

There are two different kids choirs, which practice after worship during the Sunday school hour. Learn more about our music ministries here.

Our newly remodeled sanctuary includes a “Cafe Seating” section.  These round tables, with coffee, water, and cookies nearby, offer a new way of experiencing worship.  There are kids bulletins available.  There is also a room adjacent to the sanctuary for parents with little ones that want a little more privacy.  The room is furnished with a glider, a few activities for little ones, softer lighting, and a big window out to the worship space.