“Aha! The identity of Jesus Revealed” (January-February, 2019)

Jan 6 — Matthew 3:13-17, Baptism of Jesus

Jan 13 — John 1:1-18, The Word was God

Jan 20 — John 2:1-11, Wedding at Cana

Jan 27 — Luke 4:14-21, Jesus Reveals His Mission

Feb 3 — Luke 4:22-40, People Respond to Jesus (negatively)

Feb 10 — Luke 5:1-11, Jesus Calls His First Disciples

Feb 17 — Luke 6:17-26, The Sermon on the Plain (Blessings and Woes)

Feb 24 — Luke 6:27-38, The Sermon on the Plain (Love your En- emies)

Mar 3 — Luke 9:28-36, The Transfiguration



“The Gospel According to Saint Fred: Five lessons we learned from Mister Rogers” (September 2018)

Part One: Children are precious

Part Two: You are special

Part Three: You are my neighbor

Part Four: I like you just the way you are

Part Five: Feelings matter




“Wider” (Easter Season, 2018)

Part One: Shalom between the genders

Part Two: Shalom with creation

Part Three: Shalom in relationships

Part Four: Shalom between the races

Part Five: Shalom between the nations

Part Six: Witnessing Shalom



Easter Sunday, full service:


“Deeper” (Lent, 2018)

Part One: Solitude vs Loneliness

Part Two: Piety vs Showmanship

Part Three: Doubt vs Certainty

Part Four: Awe vs Fear

Part Five: Compassion vs Burnout (Guest Preacher)

Part Six: Praise vs Platitude (Palm Sunday)



“How to Be Happy” (January-February, 2018)

Part One: Happy are the Resilient

Part Two: How to be Happy: Money

Part Three: How to be Happy: Family

Part Four: How to be Happy: Spirituality

Part Five: How to be Happy: Mindfulness









Christmas Eve 2017 (full service)

Full worship service from Christmas Eve, 2017.