A Five-Part Series About God’s Call

My LifeIs God calling? Is there something out there calling you to be more, do more, or live more? In the next five weeks we will at five Biblical stories of God calling people to extraordinary things. The name of the series is “My Life: So Called.”

Oct 25: God calls Abram to “go.” Where may we be called to go today?

Nov 1: God calls Moses, but he is reluctant. How many times have we said ‘no’ to God? How long is that possible?

Nov 8: Samuel hear someone calling in the night. Is it God? How can we tell if the call is the real thing?

Nov 15: Nehemiah is called to a building project. Sometimes God calls us to practical tasks that don’t seem holy, but are still God’s work.

Nov 22: Esther finds herself in a unique position. Perhaps it was God calling her without using words.