Gospel According to Broadway

The Gospel According to Broadway was such a hit last summer that it is coming back for an encore. This summer seven shows will be featured with special performances by local theater veterans. The series will begin on July 30 and last for seven weeks. Each week Pastor Robb will make connections between the show or song, and our Scriptures. Sacred stories do not exist only in the Bible. Stories that illustrate divine truth about God’s love, forgiveness, community, friendship, and grace can be found all around us. Get ready for a reprise of last year’s most memorable series. The Gospel According to Broadway is coming back!

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Easter Week Events

Wednesday 5:30 – Our last Vespers service will be on Wednesday, April 5. This will be another quiet service of reflection, silence, music, and prayer. These services have been deeply spiritual experiences all Lent, and our youth group, bell choir, and choir all meet afterwards.

Thursday 6:30 – Maundy Thursday Pot-Luck Church. We will meet in Epworth Hall (downstairs) and begin a unique experience of eating together with readings, songs, and liturgy. It is a pot-luck dinner, so bring a dish to share if you can. We will share the Christ’s Cup and Bread in a modified service of Communion that integrates our meal together with Christ’s words and the events of the Last Supper and his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane as told to us in the Gospel of Matthew.

Friday from 3:00-6:00 p.m. – Good Friday Stations of the Gospel. The church doors will be open for a self-guided experience of interactive prayer and learning stations. The stations will lead pilgrims through the Gospel of Matthew, from Jesus’ baptism, through his ministry and Nazareth, to the events of Holy Week, culminating at the Cross. Each station includes a Scripture reading, a brief reflection, and an interactive object that will lead to a deeper walk with Christ on Good Friday. The journey takes between 30-45 minutes.

Sunday 9:30 a.m. – Easter Celebration. We will gather for a wonderful morning of worship with music from our choir, as well as a brass ensemble. Pastor Robb will share a joyful Easter sermon and all are invited to Communion. There will be a kids’ Easter egg hunt after the service in Epworth Hall.

Rest – Reflect – Renew

This evening service of prayer, music, and quiet reflection is a way to decompress at the end of the day. It is a holy moment to close a busy day and look forward to a restful evening. This is a perfect way to rest, reflect, and renew your spiritual journey toward Easter.

The Evening Vespers service will take place every Wednesday in Lent, from March 1-April 5 from 5:30-6:15 p.m.

Star Words to start the new year

On the first Sunday (and first day) of the year, we will celebrate Epiphany Sunday, which commemorates the visitation of Christ by the Magi from the East. The Magi, guided by a star, brought gifts to the newborn King, and thwarted King Herod’s plan for violence.

The Star Words will be given out to those in worship on Epiphany Sunday. Star Words is a contemporary tradition of passing out intention words on Epiphany—a tradition growing in popularity amongst many Protestant churches. Inspired by the Magi following the star to Jesus, selecting a star word to meditate on throughout the new year can deepen your self-reflection and prayer practices.

The use of star words is a prayer practice connected to Epiphany and the new year that has been growing in popularity in Protestant churches for nearly a decade now. The idea is that a list of intention words, or guiding words, are written or printed on paper stars. These paper stars are then arranged, most commonly face down, on the Communion Table or in a large basket. Individuals are often encouraged to place their star word somewhere they
will see it regularly throughout the year to allow consistent reflection on how God has moved through, around, or in connection to that word.

Worship series from Christmas until Lent

In January and February, we will share a new worship series called, “Come and See.” In the coming weeks we will move through the first half of the Gospel of John. The stories will all reveal truths about the identity and nature of Jesus. The series will include famous stories such as turning water into wine, the exchange with Nicodemus the verse John 3:16, and the conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well.

Ultimately, following Jesus is about invitation. You are invited to come and see who Jesus is and what it means to follow him.

Puppet News Christmas

On December 26, a long-standing tradition at Two Rivers Church will be renewed. The children and youth will put on the first puppet show in over a decade. The original “Puppet News Christmas” will be performed live during the worship service on Sunday, December 26.

The show will feature a live broadcast of the events of Christmas. Anchors Dr. Luke A. Possel and Matthew T. Collector will bring you “all the news that’s fit to puppet.”