Pastor Robb does not preach from a manuscript, so there is no verbatim record of the sermons that he preaches beyond the video recordings that are posted on our YouTube channel.

Below is an index of one-page summaries of each sermon since Easter, 2020 and a link to the corresponding Worship at Home video on YouTube.

DateBible PassageSermon TitleOne-Page SermonFull ServiceBulletin
10/25/202 Samuel 71-17God’s Promise to David
10/18/20Hannah Cries
10/11/20The Golden Calf
10/4/20The Promise of Passover
9/27/20Joseph and his brothers
9/20/20Genesis 15:1-6God’s promise to AbramTextVideoPDF
9/13/20Matthew 6:9-15Lead us not…TextVideoPDF
9/6/20Matthew 6:9-15Forgive us as we forgive.TextVideoPDF
8/30/20Luke 11:1-4Give us the bread we need for today.TextVideoPDF
8/23/20Matthew 6:5-13Your name, your will.TextVideoPDF
8/16/20Job 28:12-28Job lamentsTextVideoPDF
8/9/20Exodus 1:22, 2:10Moses’ mother relinquishesTextVideoPDF
8/2/20John 20:19-29Thomas questionsTextVideoPDF
7/26/20John 4:1-29The Samaritan woman at the wellTextVideoPDF
7/19/20Jeremiah 29:1-7Jeremiah calmsTextVideoPDF
7/12/20Acts 9:1-20Saul blindedTextVideoPDF
7/5/20Exodus 5:1-2, 7:8-23Pharaoh hardensTextVideoPDF
6/28/20Luke 19:1-10Zacchaeus invitedTextVideoPDF
6/21/202 Samuel 3:7, 21:1-14Rizpah protestsTextVideoPDF
6/14/20Matthew 14:22-33Peter sinksTextVideoPDF
6/7/20Genesis 18:1-15, 21:1-7Sarah laughsTextVideoPDF
Acts 2:1-8Fire of PentecostTextVideoPDF
5/24/201 Corinthians 15:51-58Where, O death, is your victory?TextVideoPDF
5/17/201 Corinthians 13:1-13The Love ChapterTextVideoPDF
5/10/201 Corinthians 1:10-18Divisions with the ChurchTextVideoPDF
5/3/20Acts 17:1-9Turning the world upside-downTextVideoPDF
4/26/20Acts 1:1-14Are we there yet?TextVideoPDF
4/19/20John 20:19-31even though the door was closed…TextVideoPDF
Mark 15:1-8Worst. Ending. Ever.TextVideoPDF