Coming in the new year

Posted on Dec 20, 2018 |

Coming in the new year

Christmas is great – it is all about the coming of a baby into the world, but so what? Christmas is the incarnation of God on earth,  but Christmas is truly revealed through who Jesus grew up to be. His identity is revealed in the Scriptures that we will examine in the weeks after Christmas. This season is known as the season of Epiphany. An epiphany is a sudden revelation, an A-Ha! moment, where what was once hidden is now seen clearly. Jesus’ true identity is revealed in the stories we share during the Epiphany season.

Jan 6    Matthew 3:13-17    Baptism of Jesus

Jan 13    John 1:1-18    The Word was God

Jan 20    John 2:1-11    Wedding at Cana

Jan 27    Luke 4:14-21    Jesus reveals his mission

Feb 3    Luke 4:22-40    People respond to Jesus (negatively)

Feb 10    Luke 5:1-11    Jesus calls his first disciples

Feb 17    Luke 6:17-26    The sermon on the plain (blessings and

Feb 24    Luke 6:27-38    The sermon on the plain (love your enemies)

Mar 3    Luke 9:28-36    The Transfiguration