Community Meal and More

Posted on Nov 21, 2020 |

Community Meal and More

There is a free take-home meal served in the parking lot of church every Saturday at noon. The meal is packed in a convenient to-go box and includes a hot entre, veggie, and dessert. It is different every Saturday, and sometimes has a festive theme (enchiladas on the first Saturday of May, for example). In addition to the meal, people are given a bag of fresh produce, and are invited to choose some bakery products. Occasionally there are other treats like special bottled drinks, hygiene kits, or trick-or-treat bags of candy for the kids.

People are encouraged to remain in their car. If they come on foot, they are asked to keep separated in the parking lot. Volunteers from church help distribute the meals and giveaways by bringing them to our guests. No lines. Everyone remains masked. We want to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The last Saturday of every month is called “Operation Safety Net.” This begins at 11:00 a.m. Operation Safety Net will include more extensive giveaways. People are given numbers and selected at random to chose from the wide assortment of goods and products. On Operation Safety Net Saturdays, there could be other household products, cleaners, appliances, and various items.

Upcoming Operation Safety Net Saturdays in 2021:

Jan. 30

Feb. 27

Mar. 27

Apr. 24

May 29

Jun. 26

Jul. 31

Aug. 28

Sep. 25

Oct. 30

Nov. 27

Dec. 18