Easter is April 21

Posted on Mar 29, 2019 |

Easter is April 21

Easter at Two Rivers is a wonderful morning of reflection, fellowship, and celebration. The morning begins with an early service.

At 7:00 a.m., people will gather in the back of the sanctuary, with most of the lights still dim. We will remember that the women came to the tomb of Jesus very early in the morning. They were expecting to annoint a body. Instead, they found the stone rolled away an the tomb was empty. This service will be quiet and reflective. We have the joy of the empty tomb, but still a mystery of what happened to the Lord. People are invited to bring flowers to decorate the cross.

At 8:00, a free pancake and sausage breakfast will be served in Epworth Hall. The United Methodist Men serve this breakfast until 9:00. This is a wonderful chance for food and fellowship.

At 8:30, kids will be invited into the sanctuary for an Easter egg hunt. If they don’t find them all, you may get an extra treat in your pew.

At 9:30 we will have our worship service. You will find the cross and sanctuary transformed by flowers and light. We will share traditional Easter hymns and celebrate with the sanctuary choir.