Ways to Stay Connected

Posted on Apr 1, 2020 |

Ways to Stay Connected

Despite all of our efforts to “shelter in place,” there are still ways for the people of Two Rivers Church to stay connected. There are two main channels for live interaction. One is Facebook Live. The other is Zoom conference calls.

As of now, we have scheduled three conference calls a week, at noon on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Each call will have a different function.

  • The Monday call will be for a Bible study. Pastor Robb will lead this study, which focuses on the Scripture that will be used in the following Worship at Home video. Using the conference call technology, this will be an interactive meeting.
  • The Tuesday call will be a brief devotional read by Pastor Robb. This will include a Psalm, a reading, and a short reflection by other theologians.
  • The Thursday call will be a time of prayer. Pastor Robb will lead the prayers, and people can type in or share prayers together.

Facebook Live is simple. If you follow the church Facebook page (search RITwoRivers or go directly to Facebook.com/RITwoRivers), you will receive notice every time we go Live. Watching on Facebook Live means you can interact with by chatting, but no one will be able to see or hear you.

Zoom is free videoconferencing software that you can download on a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer. You must first register for the group via this link. After you have registered, you can enter our room. You can also call into the conference with any landline or cell phone. Normal phone rates will apply to this call.

Link to Register

Phone: 312-626-6799

ID: 961 006 728

Once you are in the Zoom conference, you will be interact fully. Pastor Robb will have the controls to mute anyone, so if you think you are on the conference and no one can hear you, give it him a second to unmute you.