Straw poll regarding LGBTQ+inclusion

After months of conversations, presentations, prayer, and writing workshops, the series of Reconciling Conversations have culminated in three proposals: to approve the Reconciling Ministries Network welcome statement, to join the Reconciling Ministries Network, and to approve the unique Two Rivers Church Welcome Statement.

Before an official decision is made, a straw poll has been created to gauge the thoughts of the congregation. The straw poll has been concluded. The results were nearly overwhelmingly positive in wanting to approve the welcome statements and join RMN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we leaving the United Methodist Church?

In a word, no. Drafting and approving a statement of welcome is not an act of disaffiliation. Defiance, perhaps, but we will remain a part of the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. At this time, no one has proposed that Two Rivers Church should disaffiliate from the UMC. There are churches in our conference that are leaving the UMC. Most are leaving because they feel that the UMC is too tolerant of LGBTQ+ inclusion.

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