Bring Your Bible to Church Sunday

On October 24 we will make a special presentation of Bibles to several young people of Two Rivers. Everyone is invited that day to bring their own Bible to church as well. We will have a special prayer over all Bibles during the service. Afterwards, everyone is invited to a special reception in Epworth Hall to meet the new kids and share stories about your Bible.

We want people to share about how they received their Bible. Perhaps it is a family heirloom, or it was a wedding gift. Tell us about your Bible you received in third grade or the Bible you bought as an adult when you started to study it more earnestly. We want to hear your Bible story and share with the kids how important your Bible has been to you over the years.

If you have a student in third grade or above, please click on this link and fill out a form for a new Bible. There are a couple of options for Bibles to receive – you can get either the Deep Blue Kids Bible or the Common English Student Bible. You may make your decision based on your student’s age. Any adults interested in buying a new Bible should know that pastor Robb recommends the Common English Study Bible. “It’s the best Bible on the market right now, and the one I use the most in my own study and devotion time.” It is a great translation, and the study notes are superb.