Unvarnished Jesus

A Lenten Journey with Brian Zahnd.

You are invited to a Lenten journey with this daily devotional by Brian Zahnd and weekly discussion with Pastor Robb.

The Zoom discussion will take place at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday evenings, starting February 18.

The devotional includes 46 days of Scripture passages and short reflections. The purpose is to “encounter Jesus in a new and startling way… to act as a solvent to help remove the layers of lacquer comprised of political and cultural assumptions that prevent us from seeing just how challenging and compelling Jesus of Nazareth really is.”


You can also call in at 1-309-205-3325 and use the code 961006728 to enter the discussion.

Big Steppers

On the second and fourth Thursday of the month, men will gather at Two Rivers Church at 8:30 p.m. The Big Steppers (sometimes simply called “Guys’ Night,”) are a group of men who are willing to share their lives, thoughts, struggles, and joys. It is a time of intentional conversation in a non-judgmental setting.

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Two Treats at Worship on Oct. 22

There will be two special treats for those who come to church on Sunday, October 22. The first treat will be musical—Edgar Crockett and friends will lead our music in worship. Edgar is a longtime friend of Two Rivers Church. He is an accomplished jazz trumpet player and teacher. It is always a great joy when he comes to play with us in worship.

After church, everyone will get another special treat. There will be several dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts as a treat for our fellowship time. The Junior Rocks Baseball team has sold the donuts as a fundraiser, and an anonymous donor has bought donuts for everyone. There will be regular glazed, lemon, raspberry, and cream donuts available.