New Series in January

fantastic-beasts-imageRevelation is one of the most widely misunderstood and abused books of the Bible. Full of fantastic imagery, symbolism, and difficult to understand codes, Revelation is often the source of obsession or deep fear.

John of Patmos’s vision has been used as fodder for movies, novels, and television series. Few of these profit-driven media projects treat Revelation for what it is: a message of hope written for those who are facing violent opposition.

Drawing from the work of scholars like Barbara Rossing, author of The Rapture Exposed, and D. Mark Davis, author of Left Behind and Loving It, Pastor Robb hopes to reveal a message of hope, love, peace, and enduring welcome that many seem to miss within the book of Revelation.

In addition to the weekly sermon series, two sermon formation groups will meet. The groups on Mondays at noon and Thursdays at 6:00 will study the Scripture reading for the upcoming Sunday.

The series has nothing to do to with the recent movie of a similar name, but Revelation is full of fantastic beasts. The six-part series will look at the meaning behind these beasts, and their rise and fall.

January 8 — Seven letters for seven churches

January 15 — Lamb power

January 22 — The beasts of empire

January 29 — The rise of the beasts

February 5 — The fall of the beast

February 12 — Reverse rapture