Sunday School Restart

Sunday school and small groups will begin again on Sunday, March 6. Kids and youth will meet in Epworth Hall together. The Adult Sunday School class will meet in Asbury Parlor (upstairs). Pastor Robb will lead the Adult Sunday School class with a 6-week study called “Church Foundations.” All adults interested in membership or baptism in their family are encouraged to be a part of this class.

The kids and youth will continue the Spirit and Truth curriculum as a guide. Adult volunteers are needed to lead the kids Sunday school. If you sign up to help, you can meet with Pastor Robb to learn about the curriculum and discuss ideas you might have for activities for the gorup.

Worship series from Christmas until Lent

In January and February, we will share a new worship series called, “Come and See.” In the coming weeks we will move through the first half of the Gospel of John. The stories will all reveal truths about the identity and nature of Jesus. The series will include famous stories such as turning water into wine, the exchange with Nicodemus the verse John 3:16, and the conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well.

Ultimately, following Jesus is about invitation. You are invited to come and see who Jesus is and what it means to follow him.

Blue Christmas

On the longest night of the year, we will gather for a special “Blue Christmas” service. On Wednesday, December 22, at 7:00 p.m., we create space for grief and healing in this annual tradition of Blue Christmas. On the night when the darkness is the greatest, we will enter it and find beauty.

People of faith too often feel pressure to find only joy in Christmas. but the messiness and reality of life reminds us that there is often pain this time of year. In fact, there are things about the Christmas season that sharpen the pain of loss, grief, anxiety, and depression. This service is a chance to speak to this truth.

The service will last about 30 minutes. There will be a time for quiet prayer, music, reflection, and a ritual for healing that will create something beautiful. The piece that we create will be a part of the Christmas Eve atmosphere on Friday at 4:00 p.m., when we celebrate the coming of Christ in worship.