Poetry Slam Apr 2

poetry night

On April 2, guest artist Emily Joy will be at Two Rivers United Methodist Church for worship at 9:30, and will be the featured guest at a Poetry Slam at 5 p.m. that evening. Emily Joy is a spoken word poet and Midwest native currently residing in Nashville, TN. She cut her teeth on the Chicago slam poetry scene while getting a degree in theology from Moody Bible Institute, then spent a brief hiatus in the Arizona desert, where she met her husband. She now makes her living as a freelance writer, traveling poet and full-time cat mom to a tiny ball of fur named Clive Staples Lewis. Emily is passionate about challenging the status quo of the universe through art and empowering people, especially women, to pursue justice, speak their truths and ask hard questions.

She will be a perfect fit within the Lenten preaching series “Forsaken.” She was a featured performer at the 2016 Lion and Lamb Festival at Camp Milan, where she made a huge impact on those gathered. She will be the featured performer at the poetry slam, but an open mic portion will allow others to tell their stories as well.