masks for meals

Posted on Apr 28, 2020 |

masks for meals

The Masks for Meals program through Two Rivers Church was a resounding success. Members of Two Rivers Church donated over 150 masks, which were hung out on lines outside of church. Anyone was able to get them they had need. Those who received masks were asked to make a donation to the Masks for Meals program. All the money raised through the program would be used to buy thank you gifts for First-Responders and essential workers. As a result, staff from the Rock Island Fire Department, Hy-Vee Grocery store, Rock Island Police Department, and four Rock Island public schools were all given gifts along with cards and words of thanks and encouragement.

The Rock Island Fire Department had lunches delivered to them three consecutive days. This made sure that every Rock Island Firefighter received a free lunch along with a card of appreciation and thanks. The Rock Island Hy-Vee was given a large box of goodies. The box was full of snacks and placed in the break room as a sign of thanks. Every person on staff in the Rock Island Police Department (including every sworn officer and civilian support) received a $12 gift card to Cool Beanz Coffee House. Finally, a gift box similar to what was delivered to the Hy-Vee break room was delivered to four public schools in Rock Island.

Thank you for your support of the Masks for Meals program. As kids begin to re-enter public schools, we anticipate the demand for children’s masks to rise. We will be sharing more information about how to support the Rock Island schools and the students in the future.


One officer shared the treat she bought with the Cool Beanz gift card on her Instagram story.

102 Gift cards were given to the entire staff of the Rock Island Police Department as a thanks for working and serving through the pandemic.

Cool Beanz was a great partner to help us say thanks to those who serve our community.

Members of Two Rivers bought boxed lunches from Cool Beanz and delivered them to the nearby Rock Island Fire Station