New Series

Posted on May 18, 2021 |

New Series

Starting on May 30, there will be a new six-part sermon series built around the Ten Commandments. Guided by Adam Hamilton’s book, Words of Life, the sermons and liturgy will be based on these 10 fundamental rules of life.

The Ten Commandments: words to be engraved and put in public places? The basis of western culture and civilization? Archaic rules with little application? Obvious moralism that can be followed selectively? We will dig into these words of life that were given by God, and examine how a follower of Christ can still apply them to our lives.

Most weeks we will take two of the commandments and see them through the lens of modern life and the words and stories of Jesus as found in the gospels.

May 30: Idols We Keep, commandments 1 and 2

June 6: I Swear to God, commandment 3

June 13: The Joy of Sabbath, commandment 4

June 20: Honor and Violence, commandments 5 and 6

June 27: Faithful Thieves, commandments 7 and 8

July 4: Keeping up with the Joneses, commandments 9 and 10