May 22 – June 19 a series about Creation and our place in it.



May 22    Earth (Creation out of dust)                Genesis 2:4-9

In the beginning God formed a human out of dirt because there was no one to till the fertile land. This is our oldest creation story, and in it we see that our first priority as humanity is to care for all that God has entrusted to us. On this day that we bless the animals, we remember that God made all things, and created us to care for it.


May 29    Water (God’s promise to Noah)         Genesis 8:15-19, 9:7-13

God needed a reset, and so he returned Creation to its primordial state of being covered by water. From this water emerged a second chance. Along with the second chance was a promise and another mission. Our mission is to “be fertile and multiply. Populate the earth, and multiply in it.” The promise is that never again would God destroy it all. God hung up God’s bow as a sign of this promise.


June 5      Wind  (Camping Ministries)

There is no place where the wind of the Holy Spirit is more powerful than at Church camp. On this Sunday, we will hear stories of lives transformed by our conference camping ministries..


June 12    Sky (Tower of Babel)                             Genesis 11:1-9                        

The people wanted to “settle, and make a name for themselves.” The only problem: God had told them to be fruitful and fill the earth. So God helps them spread out. Diversity is not a curse – it is what God used to help us fulfill the mission. When we diversity as a curse, we are fighting against the mission God has given us to care for all things (and all people).


June 19    Fire (Renewed heaven and Earth)     Revelation 8:6-13, 21:1-7     

The imagery of Revelation includes fire and destruction, but this is a misrepresentation of what Revelation is about. God does nor promise a “new heaven and new earth” as if this present one is disposable. God’s promise is for renewal, and for an intimacy with all of Creation that we are called to live into now, not just in some unknown future that needs to be decoded.