Zoom Bible Study and Prayer Group

Both our Monday Bible Study and the Wednesday Prayer Group can be accessed online via Zoom. The link in the button below should take you directly to the “Waiting Room.” Once there, Pastor Robb will let you in to join.

Monday Bible Study at Noon

The Monday Bible Study is led by Pastor Robb and focuses on the scripture passage that will be used the following Sunday. The Zoom Bible study will start each week on Monday at 12:00 p.m.

The class usually lasts about an hour and encourages questions and insights of all participants, but no one is required to do any homework or reading ahead. Questions and answers come in a free form conversation. No one is ever called upon or singled out.

Right now the study is walking through the Gospel of John. By participating in this study, you will dig deeper into each week’s verse and see patterns and themes recur in the Gospel. You will come away with a deeper appreciation for the literary brilliance and the theological insight of John. “Come and See” what the Bible offers. Every participant knows that their work on Mondays makes next Sunday even more powerful.

Midday Service of Prayer and Devotion (Wednesdays at Noon)

The Wednesday Prayer Group meets in the Zoom chat to discuss prayer concerns from about 12:00-12:15. The prayer concerns from worship are listed as well as any that have been brought to the prayer chain since Sunday. Once we have a list of prayers, we “Go Live” on Facebook at about 12:15. Once live, Zoom participants are muted and hidden and Pastor Robb leads the time of prayer.

The Midday Service of Prayer and Devotion is on Facebook Live from about 12:15-12:45. It begins with the reading of a Psalm, the reading of our GPS Bible reading for the day and a short reflection. Then we move into our time of prayer. The prayer usually follows this pattern: Prayers for our church, prayers for the concerns listed by name, prayers for peoples and situations not named, and prayers for ourselves. The prayer is rhythm of speaking and silence, allowing people to share their own prayers or listen to the Spirit as we pray.