Sunday school options growing for all ages

GPS-2012-curriculumTwo Rivers Sunday school options for all ages are growing.  Worship usually lasts from 9:30-10:30.  Immediately afterwards, kids in grades K-12 are invited down to Epworth Hall for a time of snacks and fellowship.  Sunday school lasts from 10:45-11:45, and nursery care is provided by background-checked professional attendants until 11:45.

There are two adult classes, both meet upstairs.  One meets in the Asbury Parlor.  Starting in November, they will be discussing the text from worship, and any discussion notes that arise from Pastor Robb’s sermon.  Another class meets in the Keystone Room.  This is led by Pastor Robb.  They use the same material that the kids use, so parents and kids can go home with the same Bible lesson, and can discuss it after church.

Kids in grades K-3 stay in Epworth Hall at 10:45.  There are always two adult teachers that lead the kids through the Grow Proclaim Serve lesson of the week.  There is a Parents Guide available online.  At 11:15, the kids switch, and go with Tammy Baugh to practice for the kids’ choir.  The Kids Choir sings about once a month in worship at 9:30.

Students in grades 4 and up go with Tammy at 10:45 and practice the Youth Choir.  After practice, she takes them down to Epworth Hall where they have their own Grow Proclaim Serve lesson.

TRY Wednesdays at 7 p.m.

six thingsTwo Rivers Youth (TRY) meets every Wednesday night at 7 p.m.  We start in the upstairs Movie Room, where we have some time to chat and catch up before having a devotional, often with a DVD to help stir the conversation.  After that, we will play some games, and have a great time.

As we move along, we will think of different mission projects and special events, like a bowling party, a retreat at Camp Milan, or volunteering at Fort Armstrong.

Our first conversation will be about “6 Things We Should Know About God.”  The six chapters include:

  1. God Loves You
  2. God Understands You
  3. God Forgives You
  4. God Wants You to Be Free
  5. God Wants You to Change
  6. God Wants to Be With You Forever