More than a resolution

covenant renewalOn the first Sunday of the new year, the people of Two Rivers Church are invited to renew their covenant relationship with Christ. This service was created by John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, over 200 years ago. Ever since, it has been used by Methodists to renew their relationship with God.

At the service, all will be invited to do three things:

  1. Renew your relationship with Christ through prayer, and a take-home reminder of the agreement you made.
  2. Remember your baptism. All will be invited to come forward to receive the sign of the cross on your forward in water. If you have not been baptized, and wish to be baptized during the service, you will let Pastor Robb know, and you will be baptized at the end of this part of the service.
  3. Come to Christ’s table. All are invited to eat the bread and drink from the cup. Gluten free bread is provided, and the cup is grape juice.

Coming on January 11: Forgiveness

Service of the Longest Night

longest night flyer

The Advent season is a time of festivity and joy.  There are decorations and carols, gatherings and glad tidings.  Underneath the joy of the season however, is the truth that the pain of loss is often sharpened as well.  The Christmas holiday can be especially difficult for those who have lost a loved one in the last year.  For those that mourn at Christmas, it can be very difficult to sing, “Joy to the World.”

On December 22, at 6:00 p.m., Two Rivers Church will host a Service of the Longest Night.  Also known as a “Blue Christmas Service,” this will be a holy time set aside for those that are struggling in the Advent season.  The purpose of the service is not to dwell on sadness.  Instead, it is to acknowledge that even though society tells us to “be of good cheer,” sometimes that is easier said than done.  This service will be on the night after the winter solstice. After a long season of the days getting gradually shorter, we will gather as the night slowly fades.

The service will include a brief ritual involving blue carnations.  It will also be a time to gather at the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion.  There will be times of silence for meditation, and contemplative music.  Depending on the attendance, the service will probably last about 40 minutes.


Sunday school options growing for all ages

GPS-2012-curriculumTwo Rivers Sunday school options for all ages are growing.  Worship usually lasts from 9:30-10:30.  Immediately afterwards, kids in grades K-12 are invited down to Epworth Hall for a time of snacks and fellowship.  Sunday school lasts from 10:45-11:45, and nursery care is provided by background-checked professional attendants until 11:45.

There are two adult classes, both meet upstairs.  One meets in the Asbury Parlor.  Starting in November, they will be discussing the text from worship, and any discussion notes that arise from Pastor Robb’s sermon.  Another class meets in the Keystone Room.  This is led by Pastor Robb.  They use the same material that the kids use, so parents and kids can go home with the same Bible lesson, and can discuss it after church.

Kids in grades K-3 stay in Epworth Hall at 10:45.  There are always two adult teachers that lead the kids through the Grow Proclaim Serve lesson of the week.  There is a Parents Guide available online.  At 11:15, the kids switch, and go with Tammy Baugh to practice for the kids’ choir.  The Kids Choir sings about once a month in worship at 9:30.

Students in grades 4 and up go with Tammy at 10:45 and practice the Youth Choir.  After practice, she takes them down to Epworth Hall where they have their own Grow Proclaim Serve lesson.